Business Law

Congratulations on owning your own business! Building it to its full potential will take hard work, but will be very rewarding. Careful planning in the business' creation and growth will allow you to avoid numerous pitfalls that can be both costly and distracting. However, some growing pains are unavoidable. When they occur, having legal counsel that understands your business and goals is invaluable. Call or email me to setup a free initial consultation.

Small Business General Counsel

Having legal counsel a phone call away is invaluable. When I worked in the general counsel offices for the Kroger Company and Cincinnati Public Schools, I learned the importance of being able to pick up a phone and get an opinion on a pressing issue. Sometimes, the law is unpredictable and your best guess could be inaccurate. Having your own full-time legal staff is simply not an option. However, relying on a best guess is risky. I offer arrangements that create a cost-effective "general counsel" relationship to answer your questions without the worry or mounting hourly fees.

Small Business Formation

Choosing the correct entity type is crucial in your business' formation. I work closely with you to identify you needs and goals and determine which entity works best. Possible entity types include:

   -Sole Proprietorships
   -S Corporations

Small Business Acquisitions

Perhaps you are looking to buy a small business. That is usually a large and somewhat delicate undertaking. Important questions include:

   -How much of the business do you buy?
   -What liabilities are you assuming?
   -What happens to the current employees?
   -Why is the current owner getting out of the business?
   -What type of non-compete/non-contact agreements should you have?
   -Should you change the name or entity type?
   -Are permits, licenses, leases or other contracts going to be affected?

Each of these and many more important questions need to be asked and answered so that you can ensure that you are buying an investment that works and can be protected.

Small Business Litigation

An unfortunate part of doing business is sometimes protecting your rights through the courts. Whether you institute the action or are a defendant, you want counsel who will candidly give you your options, the likely outcomes, and a cost benefit analysis of the action. Litigation can be expensive. Having the right counsel can tremendously decrease those expenses.

If your business has been named in an action, call today! Immediate steps are most likely necessary to protect your rights.

Small Business Contracts and Transactions

Business transactions and contracts are a normal and necessary part of every small business. Good counsel understands the need to balance transaction efficient with protection. Handshake-agreements are efficient, but can lead to misunderstandings. Customers, vendors and employees can all benefit from carefully written plain-English agreements. When you presented with an agreement, it is also important to have a second set of eyes review it for unintended legal implications.

Small Business Licensing

Many small businesses require state and federal licenses to sell products or service an industry. Obtaining these licenses can be an arduous and document intensive process. Having careful counsel that understands the process and can navigate this system can save money and numerous headaches.

Employment Law

Some small businesses start out no employees. However, as you grow the need to hire help increases. How you obtain that help and can have profound effects on your business. Important questions include:

   -Do you direct hire, or use a service?
   -Will you use employees or sub-contractors?
   -What labor laws is your business subject to?
   -Should your employees have contracts or be at-will?
   -How do you terminate employees that do not work out?
   -How do you protect business secrets?

These and other numerous decisions can have significant legal and business impacts.

Commercial Real Estate

There are numerous issues when dealing with commercial real estates. Whether you are leasing property for a store front, buying a building, or buying some investment property, it is important to have an attorney to look after your interests. I am well versed in real property law and can help you navigate buying selling, leasing or licensing real property.

Business Succession Planning

Your building a business that will last. Perhaps it will continue long after you are able or willing to run the day-to-day operations. Is it something that you intend to pass to your children or others? There are numerous considerations you must make to ensure the continuity of the business should unexpected events occur. A successful plan provides of the unexpected and ensures that your business continues to flourish long after you are no longer running the show.