Family Law

Selecting a Family Law or Divorce Attorney is a very important part of accomplishing your goals. Whether you need help with an adoption, divorce, modification, or a child custody or support matter, you want to select a personable attorney who gets to know you, and guides you through the process, all while protecting your legal rights.

Call now for a free consultation to discuss your matter in confidence! I will give you a no-nonsense opinion of your options, the likely outcomes, and the expected costs of each. If we agree to an attorney-client relationship, I will cost effectively and aggressively advocate for your goals.


Are considering or have you already decided to adopt? Let me be one of the first to congratulate you! Too many children lack a place to belong. Thank you for giving a child a loving home. With that said, there is a legal process to undertake to make it official. Let me help you through this rewarding process.

Divorce, Dissolutions and Separations

Is your marriage unrecoverable and your only option is to separate or seek a divorce? I understand that this is a very frustrating time. Whether you seek a dissolution (an agreed termination of your marriage) or require a divorce, I am here to listen to your side. I will guide you through the process and make sure that you rights are fully protected during this un-nerving time.

Child Custody, Visitation, and Support

Children deserve the guidance and support of both parents. Sometimes, parents are reluctant to provide the the necessary support. Perhaps you provide the support, but would like to be a larger part of your child's life. These are common situations that usually require proactive actions to protect your child's best interest. You need an advocate that understands the legal system and your legal rights.

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders

Domestic violence and stalking are serious matters that should be addressed immediately. If you are the victim of domestic violence or stalking, you need to take action to protect yourself. Please call me today and schedule a free consultation to speak about your rights.


Life is unexpected. Many times visitation agreements, child support agreements, and spousal support agreements need to be modified to reflect the new realities of the situation. Sometimes this is due to a change in you or your ex's financial or familia situation. Other times, it is because your child situation is not in his/her best interest. Regardless, you need an attorney who can efficiently help you modify the agreement or entry.


Many times in my practice I have utilized mediation to help clients resolve their family law issues in a cost effective way. When all parties get together and agree on a resolution or plan the costs tremendously decrease. I try to aviod contested litigation when possible. Medaition is one of the methods I use to keep your costs down. However, I am always looking out for your best interests. I work with others to resolve the situation, but never sacrafice your rights for the sake of cooperation.